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E.S. Paving has the experience and knowledge of 5 Generations of Baltimore asphalt paving experts. We are known locally not only as E.S Paving but also as E.S.A. Paving, E. Stanley Asphalt Paving and Stanley’s Paving.

We are a local company consisting of the most highly skilled, best trained project consultants and installation technicians available. We cater to all jobs, no matter how large or small, anywhere, any time. We offer commercial, industrial, Marine and residential paving and related services.

E.S. Paving delivers quality work, advanced skills and versatile experience.

From engineer to supervisor to technician, all of our employees take pride in the work they do on every job.

E.S. Paving professionals are proficient in the evaluation and installation of any job site. Our experts understand first-hand the issues involved with the most complex situations. Our teams conduct total assessment of the individual job and evaluate the materials to provide a professional installation. Our site consultants can evaluate each project on an individual basis and provide quality work that meets and exceeds the customer’s vision.